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The Leatherhead Swans Club is run by a truly dedicated team of volunteers. Where would we be without them! Volunteers are vital to the success of the Swans and it is highly beneficial for our members to have the support and encouragement of volunteers and highly rewarding for volunteers who see the difference their contribution makes to the lives of less able people.

We invite anyone to join us "in action" on a Tuesday evening; we promise you will not be disappointed as we are known as "The Happy Club" and a warm and friendly welcome is always extended.

We have a great team of Volunteers - maybe you, would like to join them?

In accordance with our Volunteer Recruitment Policy, all Volunteers are required to attend an informal interview by prior appointment with the Secretary.  All Volunteers are required to complete an application form, provide two referees and provide proof of identification together with completion of  a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check prior to commencing.  All Volunteers will receive an Information Pack together with a copy of our Safeguarding, Manual Handling Policy and a copy of the Club Rules and Regulations and upon receipt of all satisfactory documentation, Volunteer will be advised of a start date.  For further information or to arrange an informal interview please email : info@leatherheadswansclub.co.uk

Volunteer Bowlers required:

Are you a kean bowler and perhaps have a couple of hours to spare once a month. 

To enable our disabled bowlers to bowl each week, we require at least two qualified volunteer bowlers to assist them in their weekly game.

We are  looking for some Volunteer bowlers who enjoy the game of bowls and would be prepared to join our Volunteer rota and assist our disabled bowlers in their bowls session at Mole Valley Bowling Club - Leatherhead Leisure Centre on a Tuesday evening.

Our usual team of Volunteers assist probably about once a month.  A rota is organised throughout the year so you know well in advance when you are required.  If the allocated time is not convenient to you, you can swap with other volunteers bowlers  on the rota.

Our disabled bowlers bowls every Tuesday evening from about 6.30pm until 9pm.  A rereshment break is between 7.30pm and 8pm.  Bowlers  only actually bowl for about 1.5 hours.  We hire one rink from Mole Valley Bowling Club and our disabled bowlers bowl from one end.

If you are interested, please contact the Secretary on 01306 875058 or email: info@leatherheadswansclub.co.uk to arrange an informal interview one Tuesday evening.  




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