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Sponsors and Funding

We have recently been donated a new poolside hoist chair, that has enhanced the swimming experience for the disabled.

Leatherhead Leisure Centre has designated changing areas for disabled swimmers with hoisting facilities, showers and toilets that enhance the swimming experience for the disabled!

This makes the experience for Swans members' and other disabled users much more enjoyable

We rely entirely on funding from sponsors, donors and fundraising to make it possible for The Swans Club to provide its services to members and would like to thank our supporters for their valuable contribution.

We have to raise in excess of £15,000 per annum to cover all expenses incurred in running our Club, which includes the hire fees as we are based in a publicly owned facility. Therefore fundraising is ongoing and is always supported enthusiastically by our members and friends.

We are keen to attract support from the local business community, as well as personal benefactors, both in terms of donations and supporting fundraising initiatives.

Please contact Elaine Lush, Secretary on 01306 875808 or email info@leatherheadswansclub.co.uk to find out how you or your company can make a vital contribution.

The 200+ Club - a chance to WIN!

The 200+ Club was set up in order to provide a regular flow of money to contribute to the Club facilities. Members are invited to contribute £1 per month of which 50% goes to the Swans charity with the other 50% being returned to members as prizes drawn monthly.

200+ Club members are always welcome, please follow the link below, for application form:

200+ Club Application Form

Alternatively email: info@leatherheadswansclub.co.uk for further information.



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